Learning to Drive

The constantly changing scenarios on our roads can be very off putting to someone with any kind of autistic spectrum disorder or other special educational needs who is considering learning to drive but good training by an instructor who understands the need for routine without absolutes and repetition to form coping techniques can turn the experience into an enjoyable and confidence building skill that will remain with them for life.

The DVSA recommends at least 42 hours instruction with another 20+ hours private practice to prepare you for todays roads.

Anyone with Aspergers or other Special Needs should be prepared to more than double this number of hours tuition.

At Purplewheels we use a Three Stage approach

Controlling your environment inside the car.

This is done on very quiet roads while you learn to use all the controls in a safe and predictable situation.

Controlling your environment outside the car.

This gives you coping strategies and routines to allow you to be confident in dealing with other road users.

Reversing, Emergency Stop and Sat Navs

This covers all the reversing manoevures, the controlled stop procedure and how to effectively navigate using a Sat Nav

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